Does your boardroom, vibrate with endless discussion; on how to overtake the tough competition? or how to overcome complacency caused by success of yesteryears?

Since 1993, our MISSION has been to show

our client companies' - What it needs 
to change your DNA... Reinvent your very CORE...

Where visionary leaders address the tough questions of tommorrow.
Where people's mindsets focus on corporate goals & values.
Where breakthrough thinking inspires innovation.
Where the bias for execution makes everyone an entrepreneur.
Where the code of excellence urges continuous improvement.
Where the corporate culture fosters a competitive spirit.
Where learning spearheads competitive strategy.
Where the leadership style is to coach & nurture talent.
Where you define the best-in-class standards for the industry.


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was founded in Mumbai (India) 1995
as a center for empowering business excellence.





  • Over the years we have helped successful companies become even more successful. Our approach is to MAKE LEARNING & KNOWLEDGE THE CUTTING EDGE OF BUSINESS COMPETITIVENESS. We have inspired innovative thinking & cutting edge management practices in a wide range of companies across the business spectrum. We have shown our client companies, how good people can become great people through training which provides the power to change and generate breakthrough solutions.

    We can pride ourselves with our long standing relationship with our clients. What keeps our clients coming back time and again is the personal involvement of our Founder/Director; Dr Wilfred Monteiro. This is our best assurance to our clients for uncompromising quality standards

    Email us for a complete brochure of client quotes & feedback.
    E MAIL: [email protected]

    Our work is based on the belief that when you race with a tough competition the effort of every individual counts. So even a small improvement in your people's ability can make a big difference in your company march to Business Excellence. Because the more your people are aligned to the corporate goals the faster these goals are realized. Our past clients agree that no matter what the nature of business it is people who create the profits. Make this your ultimate competitive advantage in your march towards business excellence.


    Our Executive Coaching & Training Assignments: 

    • coaching a focus group along a career path;
    • public/in-company seminars to propagate state-of -the-art management practices & concepts across the company;
    • All of the above is customized to suit the clients individual need.

    We have an array of time tested training packages to help your people to acquire a set of critical work competencies and reach their full potential in company training workshops for managers. These cover a core management development module, models for business & leadership skills; programs for personal growth & success motivation. For diverse groups of professionals ranging from technocrats to software engineers; from frontline management to those of CXO suite.

    Email us for a complete brochure of client quotes & feedback.
    E MAIL: [email protected]

    We also have a proprietary model for Executive Coaching where we work with our client to select a focus group from amongst the hi-potentials/hi-performers in mission critical jobs to accelerate their competency and growth.

    Our reputation has been built on our commitment to excellence.

    Our first core strength is CUSTOMISATION; we understand that no two companies have exactly the same requirement. Therefore all our training programs are preceded by close consultation. We tailor-make a program that's just right for you. To link our training inputs to on-the-job goals of both the individual and the company.

    Our second core strength is IMPROVISATION; we continuously research & update our training courses. Our training materials are constantly updated to combine proven methods with innovative ideas, latest insights and best practices which are shaping the world of management. We enable this through our daily contact with business leaders and management professionals.

    Their feedback is an invaluable resource that helps us keep our training relevant in an ever-changing business world.

    All our training programs create well defined ACTION PLANS; for personal change & on-the-job improvement. So our training courses create immediate impact & create lasting value. That is why successful companies invest in continuous training for continuous improvement.

    Consulting Assignments

    Our proven consulting expertise is evidenced, in the several major projects which includes the entire gamut of designing a new system from concept to completion. fact finding, Or a undertaking an organization fact finding mission for a systems overhaul or a process review. Our consulting style is collaborative by nature. We transfer our know-how, sharing our systems and methodologies so that-irrespective of the solution-client organizations are stronger as a result of working with us. Our solutions cover guiding line managers for ongoing implementation of the new system.


    Dr Wilfred Monteiro - Founder / Director:
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    He has over thirty years of managerial & consulting experience in the areas of business strategy, family enterprise governance, marketing & talent management. He is, a visiting professor of Strategic Leadership and Organization Development at India's premier management institutes & chambers of commerce and a keynote speaker for numerous international conferences. He is a life coach & mentor to India's business scions and young entrepreneurs. He has fostered THOUGHT LEADERSHIP & INNOVATIVE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES through over a thousand public seminars and conferences organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry, Bombay Chamber of Commerce, Indian Merchants Chamber, Indian Institute of Management World Trade Centre; MACCIA etc.